With love from our kitchen to yours.

Delicious home cooked ready meals, cooked with love by our chefs and delivered direct to your door, by one of our friendly team.

Why Choose Us?

We cook healthy beautiful meals with the best quality ingredients for you and your family.

We aim to inspire you to use these meals in a creative way.....cooking is such a creative outlet, it’s a way to channel energy and express emotion through food. We offer lots of different serving suggestions for each of our meals so that you can immerse yourself in your own creation, from the simplest instructions of what to serve with our meals and perfect wine match, to the more elaborate ways to use these dishes to stretch them further and make them your own. As we say, we are only ever limited by our imagination.

At Mint Tea & Rosewater we make environmental and ethical food choices and strive to do our part to create a conscious and sustainable future for our beautiful planet.

We work closely with our suppliers and local growers and are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to reduce our waste, and choose more ethical, conscious and greener alternatives

Ingrid Rihani
Executive Chef

About Us

Mint Tea & Rosewater

Ingrid and Adil Rihani have been juggling the running of a family and catering company for the past twenty years, which has been great fun, but no easy task. It has magnified just how difficult it is to do it all.

Life has become so fast paced and crazy at times, and we delight in helping you to look after yourselves and your families. We believe with our meal service we are able to provide you with the gift of time, so that you may be able to slow things down little…make your lives a bit easier, your nights smoother, more wholesome and delicious.

Every recipe is designed to be super tasty. We cook each dish with the same love and care as if we were cooking for our own family and friends.

We believe that when you cook for someone you love, the end result tastes better, sweeter…and above all else…more delicious. It is as though the food is imbued with all the love and care put in which in turn results in something intangible but totally delicious.

We would like our authentic Moroccan dishes to taste like a tagine lovingly prepared by a Moroccan grandmother, abundant with fresh wholesome ingredients hand-picked that morning in the souk.

Our aim is to inspire you to get creative and enjoy mealtimes at home. Pick a bunch of flowers for the table, light a candle, use your good plates, but most importantly allow yourselves the time to all sit down, relax and enjoy.

After all, food is medicine for the body and the soul and these are precious moments.

Open to the public

Mint Tea & Rosewater is open to the public at our beautiful café tucked away in Killarney Heights.

Open Monday to Saturday. Our full range of products and ready meals are available in store and our friendly team are at hand to help.

Easily accessible with plenty of parking available, makes pick up of your online orders of weekly meals, grazing boxes, cakes etc. nice and easy.

Pop in for a coffee or Moroccan mint tea. Indulge in our daily specials of house sweets and healthy breakfast or lunch menu and browse our delicious selection of products and ready meals to take home.


43 Tramore Pl, Killarney Heights NSW 2087

Monday - Friday